You Manage Your Business. We Manage "Everything But Your Code!

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You Manage Your Business. We Manage Everything But Your Code℠

What Makes Peak Hosting Different?

Peak Hosting, the industry’s most trusted managed Operations-as-a-Service provider since 2001, delivers dedicated, cloud, and hybrid enterprise-class architectures with complete operations staffing expertise to manage everything but your code.SM

  • Empowers companies to focus on their core competency leaving all critical infrastructuree to our experts
  • Peak Total OperationsSM (PTO) engineering staff work with each client to assess their needs
  • Reduce total operation costs

In fact, Peak Hosting is the only cloud or managed hosting provider to offer a 100% AlwaysUp SLASM with zero exceptions for maintenance windows.

Peak’s AlwaysUp 2N architecture eliminates component failure from escalating to service failure: every moving part on a server can be maintained without taking the service offline.

How? Our industry veteran engineers average 15+ years of experience and built the world’s largest social networking, video streaming, online advertising, and Internet portal infrastructures. No other provider can deliver such peace of mind and value in today’s overcrowded and overpriced cloud, managed or dedicated server markets.

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Let's Talk Peak Lightning in the CloudSM

Our 512 GB Memory Peak Lightning in the CloudSM system represents over 7.5 times the largest memory footprint available today in the cloud, ON A SINGLE SERVER. It’s also an order of magnitude compute jump over the biggest instances available today. All of this without the virtualization overhead, non-deterministic performance of shared hardware, lack of security, and poor uptime of traditional public cloud solutions.

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